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Game scripting, NIH syndrome still going strong

Mark DeLoura posted a very interesting article about a survey he conducted regarding licensed game engine usage.  Some interesting parts are that 50% of respondants that use a scripting language are using Lua and that most people using a licensed engine would rather not be.  This probably ties into the 30-ish % of respondants using a custom scripting language (the second highest value).  So, scripting languages are still something you can get away with building yourself, (even though yours will probably suck), but game engines have moved off into the “don’t build here” realm.  One encouraging thing was tha together, Lua + Python comprised about 65% of the scripting market, with “custom language”, (aka major suckage), and C/C++ variant clocking in at almost 30%.  It’s great to see Lua doing so well but in reality I think its integration into most C++ apps is as a veneer over the C++ classes the developer wishes to expose.  So in the end it can often turn into “a nicer syntax for C++ classes”.  This was a multiple selection survey response so there is perhaps some overlap in the two camps but the overall usage of Lua over a C++ inspired script is encouraging and the decent showing of Python (the only general purpose language on the list) was very encouraging.  No Ruby in the linup yet, but it’s still pretty raw in the embedded space so that’s not a big surprise.  Hopefully 1.9 and (more likely) Rubinius will change that situation and make Ruby scripting in games a reality.

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