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The (MTG) end is nigh!

Ok, so perhaps that was just the reaction from THE ENTIRE INTERNET over today’s article regarding rules changes in the forthcoming M10 expansion in June.

I was fine with everything in the article, a bit annoyed at times, but generally ok with everything until I got to this:

5) Combat Damage No Longer Uses the Stack

O M G !

Now it may just be that I have a podcast called Damage on the Stack. It could be that Mogg Fanatic is one of my favorite cards or that I love combat trickery, but this one change seemed a bit too much. From the 34 pages of forum comments regarding the post that went up less than 12 hours ago, THE INTERNET would seem to agree. Removing combat damage does seem to be the most ill-received change. I have many times on the podcast stated that I think R&D is doing a really good job in tightening up the game and making it better with each set, so I’m going to hold off on much wailing about the end of the (MTG) world. Perhaps after the M10 release we’ll see that Magic is the same game and has all/most/some of the great interactions that make it so much fun to play.

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