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Further thoughts on the end of the (MTG) world

I’ve been surprised by the immense amount of anger expressed over the forthcoming M10 rules changes, slated to go into effect next month.  I gave my initial impressions here, but since then I’ve been trying to figure out why combat damage not using the stack has been quite as motivating as it has been for complaints and declarations that Magic is being dumbed down.  I think the big deal with combat damage not using the stack anymore is that it is

  1. totally unexpected
  2. going into effect really damn soon now

So the change creates a very emotional state of mind in which Wizards is taking away something many Magic fans love suddenly and without warning for seemingly no good reason (for the people complaining) and their options are:

  • stop playing competitively
  • shut up and put up with it

That’s a rather bad position to be in as a customer and doubly so as a customer of a product that depends on a base of “lifelong” customers.  It doesn’t help that I continually see people misinterpreting how the new assignment of blockers works.  Clearly WotC is not doing a particularly good job in communicating some of these changes although I think the initial article was 80% really well written.

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