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Hair is still relevant

Last night I saw the musical Hair for the first time. This was of course a revival as the original premiered in 1967. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, the soundtrack doesn’t feature any timeless songs that stick with you they way a Wicked, Phantom, or LesMis does. What Hair does have to offer, however, is a fantastic look at the counterculture movement of the late 1960’s and a message that is shockingly relevant 43 years later. I actually think right now is the perfect time for a revival as Hair’s message seems much more pertinent to the last 10 years than the 80’s or 90’s. The tone is cheerfully dark, much like a lot of the folk music of the time (Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas and the Papas), which suits my tastes perfectly (for a modern version of this see The Weepies).

So, if you’ve never seen Hair, if you’re interested in what the hippie movement was all about or you just want to be moved by a dark and emotional musical, go run out and see Hair. If you’re in Phoenix the show runs through Sunday.

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