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Some beadsprites for your amusement

October 24, 2013 2 comments

I’ve been doing some beadsprite decorating around the house and have needed some custom designs to load into the app I use for iPad.

Link and Zelda restroom sign




Mario flower, I could only find this as a photo of a made beadsprite not as an image

Mario Pixel Flower

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Ye old Organ Trail

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I fondly remember playing Oregon Trail back on a Commodore in elementary school. Now the joy of dying to dysentery and running out of food is joyfully updated and brought to a modern audience via Organ Trail. Yep, Oregon Trail + Zombies = Awesome.

The capsule

June 7, 2010 1 comment

Looking up it was impossible to miss. A great white cylinder that was descending slowly, unwaveringly, inevitably. Surely this was it, armageddon, cataclysm, the end of all things. Those that whizzed by high in the the transit tubes that encircled the great chamber must had a good look at this point. It was of little consequence though, they could do nothing, just as powerless as those on the ground.

The capsule drew closer now, halfway through its horrible journey, still as steely and unyielding as before. Had others taken action when other capsules had arrived? Had they organized resistance, mounted some sort of defense? No, that was silly, there was no defense against the capsule’s powers. They had probably done as all had done since the capsules first arrived, thrashing about in anguish, knowing their demise was imminent, unchangeable and final. There was no mercy from the capsules, nor those who sent them.

Closer than ever now, in seconds the capsule would arrive. The surface of the capsule was starting to dissolve away, a fine mist of death that descended upon those who gazed up at their demise. As the mist billowed out across the sky, it made its way towards the transit tubes, a branching network that would carry it to every chamber with great haste. Those who now looked down upon the capsule from on high would be dead soon enough, just as those on the ground were about to be, there was no escape.

The capsule crashed down to the surface and slowly toppled to its side. Great sections of the capsule now began to flake away, the air was inundated with deadly toxin, death was everywhere. As the capsule began to roll to one side, strange markings etched into the surface of the capsule could be seen through the cloud. Not that there was anyone to notice through the chaos of a clamoring mass driven to insanity by their impending doom. The capsule completed its roll and continued to break apart, releasing ever more material. It flowed into the transit tubes and rushed along, no lack of eagerness to meet those who waited for it there. As the capsule came to rest and began its own horrible death, fizzing and bubbling away, one could just barely make out the full inscription.


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End of career #1

July 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Today is officially the last day I will be an IT professional.  Starting tomorrow (well, really next week) I’m a full time educator and part time assistant adult hockey league director.  Of course the topics that I’m teaching are IT related, specifically software engineering and graphics programming, but I won’t be doing it full time anymore.  This is both refreshing and terrifying.  I’ve been doing IT pretty much straight through since I got my first job at 17 helping build out a startup ISP.  Now I get to change gears.  Instead of tech being what pays the bills, tech gets to go back to stuff I do for fun, which I’m hoping will mean that I make progress on the many stalled projects I’ve had going for weeks/months/years.  I’m not sure what career #2 is going to turn into but I’m sure tech will sill be there, hanging around as it’s been all my life.

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The (MTG) end is nigh!

June 10, 2009 1 comment

Ok, so perhaps that was just the reaction from THE ENTIRE INTERNET over today’s article regarding rules changes in the forthcoming M10 expansion in June.

I was fine with everything in the article, a bit annoyed at times, but generally ok with everything until I got to this:

5) Combat Damage No Longer Uses the Stack

O M G !

Now it may just be that I have a podcast called Damage on the Stack. It could be that Mogg Fanatic is one of my favorite cards or that I love combat trickery, but this one change seemed a bit too much. From the 34 pages of forum comments regarding the post that went up less than 12 hours ago, THE INTERNET would seem to agree. Removing combat damage does seem to be the most ill-received change. I have many times on the podcast stated that I think R&D is doing a really good job in tightening up the game and making it better with each set, so I’m going to hold off on much wailing about the end of the (MTG) world. Perhaps after the M10 release we’ll see that Magic is the same game and has all/most/some of the great interactions that make it so much fun to play.

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Decide the fate of the (geek) universe!

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Ok, probably a bit overdramatic in the title there.  But how does it get better than Steve Job vs Bill Gates?

Partake of the awesome sauce – The Animation

Then decide their fate – The Game

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Things to do before you see Watchmen

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

You may be eagerly anticipating the 3/6/09 release of Watchmen like I am.  However, there are a few things any good fanboy can do before donning your Night Owl costume and going to join the crowds at the midnight release.  You are dressing up and going to the midnight release, right?  Anyway, before you head off to the theater there are a few things you can do to spread the love.

1) Re-read Watchmen.  Yes, break out the book and soak in all the goodness.  The movie looks to be incredibly true to the original so all the little details you see in the movie will be that much better as you remember the details from the original.  Don’t have your copy because you loaned it to someone?  Well first bug them to finish reading it so they can give it back, then go to your local comic shop and buy a second copy, just in case.  Don’t forget to geek out about the upcoming film amongst people who can appreciate it.  While you’re at it you can probably belabor a few innocent comic shoppers to buy Watchmen as well.

2) Buy the Watchmen animated comic from iTunes or via X-Box Live.  Have people over and watch it as a group.  It’s totally faithful to the original and very well produced.  This is a fantastic way to get people who you’re not going to convince to read the graphic novel to “read” it in an unadulterated form.  If you buy all 12 episodes as a group from iTunes it’s only $20, vs $1.99 for each episode.

3) Talk about Watchmen with everyone you know until everyone is sick and tired of hearing about it and will refuse to go just on principle.  Be sure to go into uber-fanboy mode talking about all the sneak peaks you’ve viewed and how the authenticity of the sets is almost unparalleled in an adaptation.  You’ll turn them around eventually.  On second thought, maybe we should skip this one.

4) Pre-order tickets for everyone who might be going.  That way they’ll feel obligated, plus you’ll help run up the opening weekend numbers.  You did buy the Watchmen on HSX like 3 years ago right?  This is your time to cash in!

Ok, so perhaps a few of these suggestions are a bit more silly than others, but you really should re-experience Watchmen one more time before seeing it on the big screen.  My suggestion is the animated comic as it allows you to invite new people but which ever way you decide to experience Watchmen you know it’s as good as ever.

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