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Heroes of Newerth is going to make you its bitch

May 1, 2010 1 comment

Not in the sort of joking Ion Storm way, no Heroes of Newerth is just going to screw you. In twenty-some years of being a hardcore gamer I don’t think I’ve had a more negative experience. You see, HoN has managed to create the perfect nexus of really complex gameplay interwoven with a very high degree of teamplay and coordination. This results in anyone who doesn’t know the absolutely optimal build for each of the 30 or so characters to be mocked, derided, asked to “just go afk so we can win” and then mocked again with comments such as “we’re winning, even with only 4 players” (it’s a 5v5 game). This was from noob only games, btw. What people that know two letter abbreviations for every character, the optimal skill configuration, etc. are doing on a noob only server I don’t know, but they’re certainly not making it any fun for the noobs. Perhaps HoN might consider servers dedicated to players who’ve played less than 10 games or 20 or 30 or wherever that magical awareness of familiarity sets in. That is of course if they every hope to attract new players. All I know is that when I tried to follow the tutorial’s advise I got jumped by players who could teleport in, stun me, and then kill me before I could run away. Yeah, tons of fun.

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