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Let’s hear it for team spirit

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I participated in the recently concluded Gamma 4 game competition. The theme of the competition was 1 button games. My entry was unfortunately not selected, but that means that I can now share the game with the world.

Desktop Version (Windows and OSX)
Web Version


There’s No I In “Team” is a 4 player co-operative game where each player takes on one of the critical roles of a ship in distress. Under time constraint and limited resources the players must work to maximize their efficiency and navigate the obstacles that stand between them and the warp gate. Each of the four roles are distinct and all are critical to making it to the exit in time.

The game emphasizes human interaction and communication. The play experience is heavily shaped by the participants as they struggle to find ways to coordinate their actions and communicate. As with anything there are two sides and cooperation can be easily replaced with blame and finger pointing.


This is a 4 player game. Each player controls 1 of the stations on the ship. The 4 stations are engines (moves the ship), weapon (defends the ship with a laser), engineer (recharges the ship’s power), and navigator (has access to the level map).

You can configure the input on the launch screen (if you’re playing the downloaded version, the web version must use the keyboard). By default each player uses the A button of their own XBox 360 controller. Alternatively you can use the following keyboard keys.

T – Engines
W – Weapon
P – Engineer
N – Navigator
Escape – Quits the game (desktop version only)

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