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That distraught feeling is you being a parental failure

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Some parents seem to totally miss that they are being totally irresponsible.  What’s even better is when they find righteous indignation in the wrong-doings of others and in the process advertise their irresponsibility.  Apparently a UK dad found some extacy inside the instruction book of… you guessed it, GTA4!  The perennial whipping boy for all of society’s ills returns with a vengeance.  This was a used copy of the game, so of course there was lots of room for tampering.  The best part of the whole BBC story (other than the fact that NO ONE brought up this point, was a quote from the father).

Mr Thornhill said: “What made me feel the most distraught was the fact we let our 12-year-old play the game.”

Mr. Thornill isn’t being upset that he’s letting his 12 year old play an M rated game that’s famous for violence.  No, he’s upset that his 12 year old might have found the drugs in the instruction book.  In the game he NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING.  When extacy starts showing up in the instruction books of the latest Tony Hawk, then maybe you’ll have some legs of outrage to stand on Mr. Thornhill.

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