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Mini Ludum Dare #20

July 31, 2010 6 comments

So I got around to posting the details of my Mini Ludum Dare #20 entry. This was a re-started entry halfway through the competition, so it was really more of a 24 hour game. Even as such I wasn’t really pleased with the design of my entry but I didn’t have anything better (until after the compo) and I figured if you pile on enough effects, maybe the end result won’t be crap.

The theme was greed so my primary mechanic was a “pushing it” type of game. You get exponentially more money the faster you are moving so 60MPH is a lot more money than 30MPH. Of course the faster you go the less reaction time you get. Also, there are no breaks, which means if you accelerate you can’t just decelerate. Well, you can, but it involves driving off the road and damaging your vehicle (and costing you some money too). So that’s a technique that has to be used somewhat sparingly. The last component were gold colored blocks that gave you a nice cash boost but also boosted your speed.

There was a special rule for that said you could only have 1 of any thing in your game. Thus the oddly shaped money and obstacles.

At the end of the race is a mud pit that will slow you down, but if you’re moving too fast you’ll still crash. Max survivable speed is around 85MPH.

Play the web version or download it for Windows or Mac

Gameplay in action

Fail screen