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July 26, 2010 1 comment

So I had an idea the other day for a RoShamBo (Rock/Paper/Scissors) variant that I thought would add a lot of depth to a game that is pretty good for a few rounds, but doesn’t really hold up after 3 or 4 (my opinion of course). So, a weekend of dev and a few more days of polishing and then several days of boring business stuff (grrr iTunes app store setup), the game was finally ready to be released … after waiting 7 days in the review process. But that’s all over now, and RoShamBooyah! is out!

For the skinny on the game I recommend you just watch this gameplay video as it demonstrates the various features of the game.

I also have a page up at the excellent IndieDB site that has more info and screenshots. If you’re just jumping out of your seat to go buy the thing, then you’ll want this link to the app store.

I’m interested in any feedback, good or bad so let ‘er rip!