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The capsule

June 7, 2010 1 comment

Looking up it was impossible to miss. A great white cylinder that was descending slowly, unwaveringly, inevitably. Surely this was it, armageddon, cataclysm, the end of all things. Those that whizzed by high in the the transit tubes that encircled the great chamber must had a good look at this point. It was of little consequence though, they could do nothing, just as powerless as those on the ground.

The capsule drew closer now, halfway through its horrible journey, still as steely and unyielding as before. Had others taken action when other capsules had arrived? Had they organized resistance, mounted some sort of defense? No, that was silly, there was no defense against the capsule’s powers. They had probably done as all had done since the capsules first arrived, thrashing about in anguish, knowing their demise was imminent, unchangeable and final. There was no mercy from the capsules, nor those who sent them.

Closer than ever now, in seconds the capsule would arrive. The surface of the capsule was starting to dissolve away, a fine mist of death that descended upon those who gazed up at their demise. As the mist billowed out across the sky, it made its way towards the transit tubes, a branching network that would carry it to every chamber with great haste. Those who now looked down upon the capsule from on high would be dead soon enough, just as those on the ground were about to be, there was no escape.

The capsule crashed down to the surface and slowly toppled to its side. Great sections of the capsule now began to flake away, the air was inundated with deadly toxin, death was everywhere. As the capsule began to roll to one side, strange markings etched into the surface of the capsule could be seen through the cloud. Not that there was anyone to notice through the chaos of a clamoring mass driven to insanity by their impending doom. The capsule completed its roll and continued to break apart, releasing ever more material. It flowed into the transit tubes and rushed along, no lack of eagerness to meet those who waited for it there. As the capsule came to rest and began its own horrible death, fizzing and bubbling away, one could just barely make out the full inscription.


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